Dracula Castle, in the TOP 10 of winter destinations in Europe

Transylvania is among the 10 winter destinations in Europe that the famous Lonely Planet travel guide recommends to tourists to visit this year.

Transylvania ranks ninth in this top by Lonely Planet publishers. “You can’t visit Dracula’s boulder on a sunny day, when the sounds of lambs on the field are heard, right? Try to visit the castle on a cloudy day, when the leaves of the trees have fallen and the snow begins to envelop the landscape. “says Lonely Planet publishers.
They also recommend visiting the cities of Brasov and Sighişoara, “two beautiful medieval cities”, which have varied connections with Vlad Teases, who in the past was called Dracul, although it is not very clear whether he ever set foot in his so-called castle (Castle). Bran, no).
Bram Stoker (1847 – 1912) used Vlad Tepes as an inspiration for his novel “Dracula”, published in 1897. In the top 10 of Europe’s winter destinations recommended by Lonely Planet there are: Rovaniemi from Finland; Christmas fairs in Germany and Austria; Abisko (Sweden); Athens (Greece); Copenhagen (Denmark); Budapest (Hungary); Jasná (Slovakia); Andalusia (Spain); Venice (Italy).

About Bran Castle
Bran Castle was completed in 1388. It had a double role, as a defense settlement, but also as a customs point. The Ottoman danger was imminent at that time, and Bran Castle gained major importance as a strategic point of defense. Bran settlement began to develop in parallel with the new stone fortress. The history of Bran Castle is related to Vlad Ţepeş (ruler of Wallachia).
Everyone knows something about Dracula, the famous character from Bram Stocker’s book, who had a remarkable echo. What not everyone knows is that Bran Castle is actually the place that inspired the writer. There are details in Bram Stocker’s description that indicate that Bran Castle is indeed the source of inspiration.

Bram Stocker was never in Romania and built his entire story based on books and pictures depicting Vlad Dracul (Ţepeş) and stories about Bran Castle. His character is built after the stories about Vlad Tepes and his cruelty. He used to execute people who did not obey the laws by brutal methods.

When you reach Bran village you will discover a mixture of reality and myth. You’ll find Bran Castle, you’ll see all the books and historical documentation, but you’ll also find plenty of vampire souvenirs and bloody scenes.